Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hazard Communication Standard: Safety Data Sheets - Sections 15-16

Section 15: Regulatory Information (non-mandatory)
This section identifies the safety, health, and environmental regulations specific for the product
that is not indicated anywhere else on the SDS. The information may include:
• Any national and/or regional regulatory information of the chemical or mixtures (including any
OSHA, Department of Transportation, Environmental Protection Agency, or Consumer Product
Safety Commission regulations).
Section 16: Other Information
This section indicates when the SDS was prepared or when the last known revision was made.
The SDS may also state where the changes have been made to the previous version. You may
wish to contact the supplier for an explanation of the changes. Other useful information also may
be included here.

Employer Responsibilities

Employers must ensure that the SDSs are readily accessible to employees for all hazardous chemicals in their workplace. This may be done in many ways. For example, employers may keep the SDSs in a binder or on computers as long as the employees have immediate access to the information without leaving their work area when needed and a back-up is available for rapid access to the SDS in the case of a power outage or other emergency. Furthermore, employers may want to designate a person(s) responsible for obtaining and maintaining the SDSs. If the employer does not have an SDS, the employer or designated person(s) should contact the manufacturer to obtain one.

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