Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chemical Training - Past Deadline

Chemical Training - Past Deadline
On December 1st of last year (2013) the mandatory deadline passed for all employers to complete training with their employees.  This means that every employee who has any contact with workplace chemicals should already be trained on the new SDS (MSDS) and the new chemical labels.

OSHA estimates that this requirement effects over 5 million workplaces, yet a recent survey has indicated that a majority of employers have NOT yet complied with the deadline and face possible regulatory action by OSHA. 

Employees that must be trained include anyone who uses, handles, produces or works around ANY chemical in greater-than-household quantities.  This includes the very toxic chemicals commonly associated with manufacturing, but also such chemicals as cleaning supplies, printer toner, adhesives and inks.

One of the easiest methods of compliance is to use a compliance training kit.  Kits are available that can train all of your employees for one price.  This includes a set of DVDs, posters, quizzes and printable handouts.

If you are not already in compliance, please don't delay any further.  Orders for the easy to use GHS Training Kits can be placed at:

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